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April 2014


Wow! How time flies! It’s crazy that I haven’t blogged for 4 months. I guess that’s the life of a mom of an almost 1 1/2 year-old. Life is great and very busy. I’m always amazed at those mothers with 2, 3, 4 and 5+ kids! How do they do it?! I have so much respect for them. I recently became friends with a mom who has 9 kids. Amazing!

A lot has happened in the last 4 months. I’ve been working full-time in the NICU since December. It has been great. Matt has been able to watch Lilah while I’m at work so that has been a huge blessing for our family. He’s been able to spend so much time with her before he starts P.A. school in May. They have bonded so much and I still am able to be home 4 1/2 days per week with Lilah because of my amazing job. I’m so glad that I became a nurse. It’s a great job for a mom. I can work full-time and still be able to be at home most of the time with Matt and Lilah. They are my best friends in the whole world. I miss them when I work, but it’s also kind of nice to get out of the house to maintain my sanity. I applaud stay-at-home mothers and fathers! They truly have the most important job and the most difficult job on the planet. I would love to stay home more when Matt becomes a PA but I also always want to keep my nursing license and work 1-2 days/week or 1 day every other week like some of my friends at work do. I definitely want to keep my job in the NICU no matter what. I love it and I’m so grateful that Matt got into PA school in Utah so that I can keep my job.

Lilah has really progressed in the past 4 months. She started walking last month. It’s so cute to see her waddle around with her arms above her head for balance as she crashes into the closest thing that she can get to. I just love to see her explore her little world. She is at such a fun stage. She has started jabbering a lot lately. Nothing intelligible but she has some good intonation going on. Haha! She still is saying Mama, Dadda and dog. Those are still her main words but she said “Gramma” twice and Jack once and she approximates words sometimes. But it’s hard. We try so hard to get her to talk more. The other day in the car we were reading a farm book and I said “This is a cow. Cow. Cow. Cow. Cow. Cow. Cow. Cow. Cow. Cow. . .” Then Lilah pointed to the picture and said, “Dog?” Haha! Silly girl. She calls every animal a dog. Except sometimes she has said Duck (which sounds like Dog in reality). The other day, I think she said Frog. She’s getting there. We are very proud parents.

She’s a really good girl. She’s been teething a lot lately and her molars have been coming in so that has been hard for her but overall, she is a lot of fun and very pleasant. She is definitely opinionated though. It’s hard not to give into her. We really need to teach her sign language or something to help her not throw tantrums. I gave up on sign language a long time ago but maybe it’s time to revisit that idea.

Matt and I had the most amazing experience earlier this month. We had been preparing and praying for an opportunity to go on a humanitarian trip with the church together to teach newborn resuscitation. We got certified in Helping Babies Breath and NRP as providers and instructors. I even expedited my passport renewal just in case we got called to go.  In March, we got an unexpected phone call from Dr. Bond who said that one of the nurses had a change in plans and couldn’t go on the upcoming trip to Honduras. I told Sister Bond that we could both go and she made arrangements for us so that we could both go. It’s great to speak Spanish because we can serve on these trips much more often because of the great need for this training in Spanish speaking countries. I’m so grateful for this amazing opportunity. Matt and I went to Honduras for 9 days. I’ll write a post about it.  It has been one of Matt and my dreams since we started dating to go on medical humanitarian missions. We talked about how we wanted to do that on one of our first dates hiking up to the Salt Lake Overlook. It’s such a blessing to be able to fulfill one of my lifelong dreams with my husband so young in life. We thought that we wouldn’t be able to go together until much later in life.

I think that Heavenly Father loves me. He just keeps blessing my life and answering my prayers. I don’t deserve it either. I really struggle sometimes with doing everything that I’m supposed to do and yet, He always finds ways to reach out to me and help me to know that He is there and that He loves me. I’m so grateful for God’s mercy and grace. He really can make so much more out of our lives than we can by ourselves. He has made my life so rich. I’m sure that there are so many other blessings that He has for me if I only reached out to Him more. He’s like the best friend that is always there for you no matter what.


The End of an Epic Year


     2013 is coming to a close. It has been an amazing year for our family. I have grown so much. My life has dramatically changed and I am so thankful for each new day and the new adventures that await our family. A lot has happened in the last couple of months.

      The really exciting thing is that . . . DRUMROLL  . . . MATT GOT INTO PA SCHOOL AT THE UNIVERSITY OF UTAH!!!! Matt and I recognize that it truly was the grace of God that got him in. Matt worked so hard and is an amazing candidate but there were 800 people applying for 45 seats. It’s so competitive but he did it!!!! We have prayed for this since we got married and we are so thankful to our Heavenly Father for making Matt’s dream come true.

     We found out that Matt got on the waitlist for an interview a few months ago. We thought that since he was on the interview waitlist last year, and that no one turns down the U of U because it’s ranked as the #2 PA school in the nation, that there was no way that he’d get an interview. He’d almost given up hope and he was really sad about it. But when interview time came, we prayed that he could get an interview. The day before the interview’s for PA school, Matt got a call from Doris Dalton, who asked if he could come and interview the next day! Matt was so ecstatic! He came home and told me that he got an interview and we just hugged eachother and cried. It truly was a miracle.

     The interview went very well and the next week, Matt got the acceptance letter! When he got the letter, he didn’t tell me right away. He came home from work and gave me a gift. I wasn’t sure why. I opened the gift and there was a card that said, “I love you. Thank you for your support.” I then saw a piece of paper at the bottom of the gift bag and I just said, “NO WAY! YOU ARE KIDDING ME!” Then I jumped up and down for joy for a long time as we cried and hugged eachother. It was so surreal because this is our ultimate dream for Matt’s career. We have worked SO hard for this! We know that it’s a miracle and that God has given us this amazing gift. Matt had trouble sleeping for weeks because he was so excited. Seriously. That is not an exaggeration. We still can’t believe it! Matt is now trying to prepare himself so that he can get the $44,000 scholarship that is available to 4 people. He is an awesome candidate for it, so I hope that he gets it!

     Another thing is that I have lost 23 lbs since September 4th. I did 2 sessions of Boot camp. It was fantastic. This past month, I haven’t done very well with Thanksgiving and Christmas but I want to continue on. I appreciate my family’s support, especially Matt, Angie and my Mom. I got up for 3 1/2 months at 5:30 AM to go and workout for an hour. Even though I was working night shifts every weekend. I tracked all of my food with weightwatchers. I’m really proud of my accomplishment and I feel great about what I have done. It’s not really about weight for me. It’s that I want to be healthy for my family. I want Lilah to be healthy, so I have been cooking almost every single day. We eat dinner every night together. It has been such a great change for us.

    Lilah turned 1 last week! It’s been the most beautiful experience to watch her learn and grow. I’m so grateful for my little bug. She is my treasure and I love her more than words can express. She is so smart and funny. She is such a little busy body and she gets into everything. She has started to point at everything and she is becoming a little social butterfly. She used to have lots of separation anxiety but she is getting a lot better and she enjoys having everyone hold her and play with her. When we have Sunday dinners at my Mom’s house, she knows right where to go to get to the playroom. No matter where you set her down, she’ll start crawling as fast as she can up the stairs to the playroom. 🙂 When she’s hungry or is eating something that she likes, she’ll say, “Num. Num.” And she has the best cheesy grin. I just love it. She still loves dogs and says “dog” all of the time. We bought her a little dog that has wheels on it’s feet that she can pull around and she absolutely loves it. She had a great birthday. We got her a bunch of toys, books and jammies from Kid to Kid. My parents got her a bouncy chair toy that she loves.

     We still haven’t had her birthday party because last week was a terrible week and we just couldn’t pull it together. We just moved to a new place a couple of miles north of our old apartment. It’s much bigger and we love it! It’s a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom condo with a 2 car garage. Lilah has her own room and we have an office so that Matt can study at home while in PA school. I have a big walk in closet and I love the kitchen and dining room. It’s been a great move and we are happy to not have to shovel that huge driveway anymore! We are definitely going to miss our old neighborhood though. Especially because we lived so close to Seth and Christina. I loved being in their ward. We had awesome neighbors and landlords but we were definitely ready to move. Lilah was sleeping in the living room at night and during the day, she’d sleep in our room but we couldn’t go to the bathroom when she was taking a nap or we’d wake her up! It was not working.

      So last week was such a terrible week because it is so stressful to move with a 1-year-old. There was no safe place for us to set her down and then we got pink eye. It was so exhausting. After pink eye, I got a horrible cold and was sick in bed with no babysitter. Then Matt lost his job. It was such an awful week, but it’s over and things are going much better. Even though it was a tough week, it was an amazing one because I realized how blessed I am to have such an amazing family. I was feeling really overwhelmed and sad. Angie babysat Lilah three times and then brought me a bunch of stuff to help me to feel better even though it was totally inconvenient and out of her way. She would text and call me every day. My mom brought me lots of food so that I wouldn’t have to cook all week and she came and helped me organize my house. She also bought me a ton of stuff for my new house at Walmart. April bought me this book and then brought me over a present. It was a decoration that said “Sisters are forever friends”. Christina made me a really delicious dinner and brought it over when she heard that I was having a hard day. I love them so much and this is one of the reasons that I am so grateful that Matt got into PA school at the U of U! So that I can have such an incredible support system. I love my family very much!

Our Family – October 2013


Wow! This year has gone by so quickly! It’s crazy how fast time flies! I realized that next May, I will be 30!!! Aaahhh! I can’t believe it. I need to enjoy my 20’s while I can. Haha! I have such an awesome life and I’m loving this new phase in my life. Motherhood. It’s amazing.

Today, Lilah was so much fun! She’s almost 10 months old! I can’t believe it. She has such a fun personality. She is so happy and playful. She loves Matt and me and we absolutely adore and cherish her! She was so good in church today and she let me hug and love her today. She is usually so wiggly and on-the-go that she won’t just sit and cuddle but today, at church, she let me cuddle and hug her. It was such a gift to me. I love how she loves me. She has a really hard time when I leave her with anyone. At the gym daycare, she just cries so much that they always call me back in to come and get her. She even cries for our family when they watch her. She just has bad separation anxiety right now, which is normal. I feel bad for those who watch her but I just love how she clings to me. It makes me happy that she loves and trusts Matt and me so much.

Last night, on my way home from work, I called Matt and heard that Lilah was crying really hard as she was being put in her car seat so Matt put me on speaker and when I started talking to her, she just calmed right down and started babbling into the phone. It made me feel so good. Matt is so good with her. He took her to City Creek and had a fun Daddy/Daughter date. I’ve started working nights and weekends so that Matt can watch her and so that we won’t need daycare.

Lilah just adores her Daddy! In the morning, she’ll crawl around the house looking for him yelling, “Da?” It’s so cute! She’s got “MaMa” and “DaDa” down pretty well now! When she’s happy and playful, she’ll say, “Da Da Da Da Da Da”. When she’s upset and crying she’ll yell, “MA MA MA MA MA”. I’m not sure how I feel about that. It’s funny though. She also knows how to say dog! Every time she sees a dog or hears one bark she says, “Dah”. It’s so cute. Today, she was reading her little book and when she saw the picture of a dog, she said, “Dah”. I was amazed! 🙂 I’ve been trying to teach her sign language, and I think that she understands some of the words that I sign to her, especially Outside, Food, Drink, and Bath. But she never really signs back.

She loves to play peek-a-boo, patty cake, this little piggy and the itsy-bitsy spider. She loves to crawl around everywhere and explore her little world. She never holds still, especially when you are trying to change her diaper! She will roll and spin and wrestle to get out of having her diaper changed. It can be dangerous. Haha. She recently has started rolling and turning over when we are trying to get her into her carseat. It’s a struggle. She has never liked riding in the car. She loves to make messes and she is so good at it, too. 😉 Haha! It’s so hard to keep the house clean, but I like to let her explore. She loves to read books, go outside and swing in the tree swing in our backyard. She loves to go on walks and she even walking along the furniture herself. She reminds me of a little puppy because she will follow me everywhere and just crawl around panting with her tongue out. The other day, she was even crawling around with a little shoe in her mouth. Haha! She cracks me up. I wish I had a picture of that. She has brought so much joy into my life.

I love her laugh and her cheesy grin when she smiles so big that it’s almost as if she can’t contain her joy because she points out her chin, squints her eyes and she just has to wiggle her arms and kick her legs because she is so happy. I love when she is so tired that I get her to cuddle me and when I can just hold her and rock her while she sleeps.

Lilah loves her grandparents! The past few weeks, Matt’s mom and dad have been watching her on Tuesday nights when I was working so that Matt could go and do his calling for church. He is the Assistant Ward Mission Leader. I would pick up Lilah on my way home from work and she would always just be SO happy. One time she even got mad at me because she didn’t want to go home. Haha! Today, my mom was holding her and Lilah kept reaching for me and then changing her mind and clinging to my mom and she did that a few times. And of course there is Grandma Great! She just loves Great Grandma Thorup. 🙂 She has watched Lilah almost every Tuesday since I went back to work in March. Bless Grandma for that! Seriously, I don’t know how to express my gratitude for her service to me. I didn’t want Lilah to have to go to daycare. I’m so grateful for my Grandma loving her and caring for her each Tuesday. I’m sure Lilah will miss that.

The past five weeks I have been doing a fitness boot camp. I really have loved it. It’s helped me so much and I’ve seen big changes in my fitness ability! I went from wanting to die when I ran at 5 mph to being able to run at 6.5 mph at a 5% incline during the hour of circuit training without wanting to fall over and die. I have lost 10 lbs. and I think that I have gained a lot of muscle and lost some fat. I’m excited about it. It’s been hard to get up so early before Matt and Lilah wake up, but I feel that it’s so important. I have a lot of weight to lose. I needed to lose about 50 lbs! But now I have 40 lbs to go! Oh, man. That sounds daunting, but I really think that I can do it and I really need to. I want to start my family life off right. I want to be a healthy and active Mom! I’m also doing online weight watchers. It’s been great. My goal is to get down to my goal weight by my 30th birthday. I hope that I can do it.

Matt got an interview for PA school for Touro Las Vegas! I’m so excited for him. I hope that he gets in there. He is such an excellent candidate for PA school. It’s really hard going through the process of getting in because we have worked so hard for this goal. It is so important to Matt and me. I just pray all of the time that he can get in this year. He got on the waiting list for an interview at the U of U again. Last year, everyone showed up for their interview so he wasn’t able to interview. It was disheartening when we learned that he got on the waiting list for an interview again. We really wanted to be able to stay here in SLC. But Las Vegas would be amazing too! And it’s close enough to our family so that we won’t be completely cut off from them for two or more years. I really hope that he gets in there. We’ll see. His interview is in January. He still hasn’t heard from a lot of the other schools, so hopefully we will get more interviews. I’m very proud of Matt. He is such a hard worker and he is so dedicated to our family. I’m grateful to be married to such an amazing man who is so responsible and loving and fun to be around. Lilah is so in love with him! He is the best Dad and Husband ever! We are so lucky.

Here are some pictures from the last couple of months . . .





















A Day in the Life of Me


Things are going great. I love being a mom. I love my family, my job, my apartment and we are all healthy, thank heaven. I have so much to be grateful for. The day to day is a lot of the same. I wake up, feed Lilah, let her play, make her breakfast, clean up the house, then let her play until she goes down for a nap around 10 AM. She’ll usually sleep for about an hour then she’ll wake up and take a bottle. She’ll play for a while and then we’ll eat lunch together. She’ll sometimes take another nap after lunch, wake up and eat a bottle around 2 or 3 PM. Play, take her afternoon nap, wake up and eat dinner, play, get ready for bed around 6:30 PM, take a bath, eat another bottle and then go to bed around 7 or 7:30 PM. I guess that’s Lilah’s schedule and not really mine, but it’s really just one and the same. She is my life. Whenever people ask me what I’ve been up to lately, I just talk about Lilah. Haha. I love it though.

It was really hard going to work at first and it still is, but now, it’s really been nice to have a break from being at home although I’m still taking care of babies while at work. I’m so grateful that we don’t have to put Lilah in daycare. Grandma Thorup has been so sweet to watch her on the Tuesdays that I work, and Matt’s new job has been awesome so that I can work some night shifts during the week and sleep while he’s home in the morning. Matt watches her on the weekends. It’s so good for them to bond. I’m grateful for such a supportive husband. He’s such a great dad and he’s the sweetest husband. He always tells me how beautiful and amazing I am, even when I don’t feel like it. He is so kind to me.

Lilah has been crawling around like crazy! She gets into everything. It’s so cute to see her explore her little world. She will follow me around the house while I’m cleaning and she’ll come and just sit by my feet while I do the dishes. It’s so sweet. She pulls herself up to stand and has started taking baths in the tub instead of the sink. She says “Ma Ma” all of the time. It melts my heart especially when she’s crying for me in the crib and says it. She gets really shy around strangers and hides her face in my shoulder. She is a great eater. Her favorite foods are avocados, especially cafe rio guacamole, black beans, all vegetables, pumpkin, chicken and she loved hummus (but then I saw that it had tahini in it and that she isn’t supposed to have it til she’s 1 because of the sesame seeds). She really doesn’t like fruit. She’ll sometimes tolerate apples, peaches and bananas but she makes an awful face every time I give her any type of fruit, except watermelon. She loves that. She loves her little puffs and is started to eat more of those. She is even starting to be able to pick them up and self feed. She loves her sippy cup and holds it herself. Water is her favorite.

We have been trying to teach her some sign language and she finally started signing drink this week, whether she knows it or not. I think that she knows what a lot of the signs means, but she doesn’t know how to sign them back. We are teaching her Mom, Dad, drink, food, all done, outside, bath, book, car, more, play, walk, diaper, etc.

Matt applied for 17 PA schools this last week. I pray that he gets in. I think that he is an amazing candidate! We worked so hard on his essay. It’s really good. It would be amazing if he got into the U of U but it will also be so much fun (and kind-of scary) to move somewhere else.

Matt and I had our 5 year anniversary this last week! I can’t believe that it’s been 5 years already! It’s gone by so fast. I love Matt so much! We’ve really accomplished and been through a lot together these past years. I’m so glad that I married Matt. He lifts me up with everything that he says and treats me with so much respect and kindness. For our anniversary, he gave me these high top shoes that I really wanted and then Matt’s brother, Chris, watched Lilah while we went to dinner at Ruby River. We then went and walked around Liberty park. He gave me this beautiful ring with my birthstone and four little diamonds. He said that it symbolized these past 5 years and the next 5 years that we will have together. He said that he would spend the next 5 years making himself a better man so that we would be even more in love the next 5 years. I want to make the same commitment. I want to be a better wife to Matt. He never criticizes me for my shortcomings but I really want to just be my best self for him and for our kids. He encourages me to do things that I love and to develop my talents. I couldn’t be more blessed to have Matt in my life. He’s my best friend. Things aren’t always perfect in our lives but we are happy and grateful for this amazing life that we will have together. I can’t wait to see what the next 5 years brings. I’m so grateful that we were married in the temple so that I can have him and Lilah forever.

Lilah – 7 months


Time is flying by so fast! It’s really fun to see Lilah grow. She is so much fun! She loves us so much and we love her more than anything. Lilah was sitting up at 6 months and this past week she started crawling at 7 months! She is such a wiggly worm. It’s so funny. I wonder how many calories she burns every day! Our little athlete. Haha! This past week, she also started saying, “Mama”. I’ve been trying to teach her sign language for a couple of months and one of the signs is Mama. So everytime I walk into the room, I sign and say Mama. The other day, I was getting ready in the bathroom, when Matt brought her to me. When she saw me, she got so excited and said, “Mama!” I don’t know if she really knows what it means yet, but she said it like 5 more times that day. 🙂 It’s so fun. She doesn’t sign back to me yet, but I think that she may be catching on to the meaning of some of the signs. I’m trying to teach her Mom, Dad, Food, Drink/Milk, Outside, Play, Diaper, Bath, Car, Flower, All done, and Book. Hopefully she’ll start signing back sometime soon.

Things that Lilah loves include books, her blocks, Mom and Dad, avocado, vegetables, apples, her sippy cup (she get’s so excited when I show it to her), her baby einstein jumper, the swing in the backyard, water (to drink and to swim/bathe in), splashing, peek-a-boo, singing, hiking, going outside for a walk or to get the mail, the smart phone, her binky, putting EVERYTHING into her mouth and blowing raspberries. She gets shy around other people and she will hide her face in my shoulder but then she’ll warm up to them after a while.


I love how she puts her hand like this when she gets really tired. She looks so dramatic. 🙂


4th of July – We went to the Sandy Parade with Grandma and Grandpa Thorup. She loved watching the floats go by. We also went to Oma and Grandpa Hart’s house for a fun lunch with the fam.



My little hiker. We’ve been on a lot of hikes this summer, Including Donut Falls with the cousins, Alta, Neff’s Canyon, Little Cottonwood Canyon hikes, etc. It’s been a fun summer.


We had the best time at the Hart Family Cabin in Woodland. We spent time with the family, shot guns, went fishing and roasted hotdogs and marshmallows. It was a blast. Lilah loved being held by her Oma.



Matt and I love to cuddle Lilah. Lilah usually squirms away but this time, she was loving cuddle time with her Dad. Matt and Lilah adore eachother. Lilah gets so excited everytime that Matt comes home from work.



Last week we went up to Alta to go and see the wildflowers. I’m always amazed at how beautiful it is there and it’s only 20 minutes from our house!







This was at the Days of ’47 parade downtown with my family. They all slept on the street overnight but we just showed up in the morning. It was a lot of fun. We then went to Oma and Grandpa Hart’s house for dinner and after Lilah went to bed, Matt and I watched the fireworks from our backyard. It was the best 24th of July ever!