The End of an Epic Year


     2013 is coming to a close. It has been an amazing year for our family. I have grown so much. My life has dramatically changed and I am so thankful for each new day and the new adventures that await our family. A lot has happened in the last couple of months.

      The really exciting thing is that . . . DRUMROLL  . . . MATT GOT INTO PA SCHOOL AT THE UNIVERSITY OF UTAH!!!! Matt and I recognize that it truly was the grace of God that got him in. Matt worked so hard and is an amazing candidate but there were 800 people applying for 45 seats. It’s so competitive but he did it!!!! We have prayed for this since we got married and we are so thankful to our Heavenly Father for making Matt’s dream come true.

     We found out that Matt got on the waitlist for an interview a few months ago. We thought that since he was on the interview waitlist last year, and that no one turns down the U of U because it’s ranked as the #2 PA school in the nation, that there was no way that he’d get an interview. He’d almost given up hope and he was really sad about it. But when interview time came, we prayed that he could get an interview. The day before the interview’s for PA school, Matt got a call from Doris Dalton, who asked if he could come and interview the next day! Matt was so ecstatic! He came home and told me that he got an interview and we just hugged eachother and cried. It truly was a miracle.

     The interview went very well and the next week, Matt got the acceptance letter! When he got the letter, he didn’t tell me right away. He came home from work and gave me a gift. I wasn’t sure why. I opened the gift and there was a card that said, “I love you. Thank you for your support.” I then saw a piece of paper at the bottom of the gift bag and I just said, “NO WAY! YOU ARE KIDDING ME!” Then I jumped up and down for joy for a long time as we cried and hugged eachother. It was so surreal because this is our ultimate dream for Matt’s career. We have worked SO hard for this! We know that it’s a miracle and that God has given us this amazing gift. Matt had trouble sleeping for weeks because he was so excited. Seriously. That is not an exaggeration. We still can’t believe it! Matt is now trying to prepare himself so that he can get the $44,000 scholarship that is available to 4 people. He is an awesome candidate for it, so I hope that he gets it!

     Another thing is that I have lost 23 lbs since September 4th. I did 2 sessions of Boot camp. It was fantastic. This past month, I haven’t done very well with Thanksgiving and Christmas but I want to continue on. I appreciate my family’s support, especially Matt, Angie and my Mom. I got up for 3 1/2 months at 5:30 AM to go and workout for an hour. Even though I was working night shifts every weekend. I tracked all of my food with weightwatchers. I’m really proud of my accomplishment and I feel great about what I have done. It’s not really about weight for me. It’s that I want to be healthy for my family. I want Lilah to be healthy, so I have been cooking almost every single day. We eat dinner every night together. It has been such a great change for us.

    Lilah turned 1 last week! It’s been the most beautiful experience to watch her learn and grow. I’m so grateful for my little bug. She is my treasure and I love her more than words can express. She is so smart and funny. She is such a little busy body and she gets into everything. She has started to point at everything and she is becoming a little social butterfly. She used to have lots of separation anxiety but she is getting a lot better and she enjoys having everyone hold her and play with her. When we have Sunday dinners at my Mom’s house, she knows right where to go to get to the playroom. No matter where you set her down, she’ll start crawling as fast as she can up the stairs to the playroom. 🙂 When she’s hungry or is eating something that she likes, she’ll say, “Num. Num.” And she has the best cheesy grin. I just love it. She still loves dogs and says “dog” all of the time. We bought her a little dog that has wheels on it’s feet that she can pull around and she absolutely loves it. She had a great birthday. We got her a bunch of toys, books and jammies from Kid to Kid. My parents got her a bouncy chair toy that she loves.

     We still haven’t had her birthday party because last week was a terrible week and we just couldn’t pull it together. We just moved to a new place a couple of miles north of our old apartment. It’s much bigger and we love it! It’s a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom condo with a 2 car garage. Lilah has her own room and we have an office so that Matt can study at home while in PA school. I have a big walk in closet and I love the kitchen and dining room. It’s been a great move and we are happy to not have to shovel that huge driveway anymore! We are definitely going to miss our old neighborhood though. Especially because we lived so close to Seth and Christina. I loved being in their ward. We had awesome neighbors and landlords but we were definitely ready to move. Lilah was sleeping in the living room at night and during the day, she’d sleep in our room but we couldn’t go to the bathroom when she was taking a nap or we’d wake her up! It was not working.

      So last week was such a terrible week because it is so stressful to move with a 1-year-old. There was no safe place for us to set her down and then we got pink eye. It was so exhausting. After pink eye, I got a horrible cold and was sick in bed with no babysitter. Then Matt lost his job. It was such an awful week, but it’s over and things are going much better. Even though it was a tough week, it was an amazing one because I realized how blessed I am to have such an amazing family. I was feeling really overwhelmed and sad. Angie babysat Lilah three times and then brought me a bunch of stuff to help me to feel better even though it was totally inconvenient and out of her way. She would text and call me every day. My mom brought me lots of food so that I wouldn’t have to cook all week and she came and helped me organize my house. She also bought me a ton of stuff for my new house at Walmart. April bought me this book and then brought me over a present. It was a decoration that said “Sisters are forever friends”. Christina made me a really delicious dinner and brought it over when she heard that I was having a hard day. I love them so much and this is one of the reasons that I am so grateful that Matt got into PA school at the U of U! So that I can have such an incredible support system. I love my family very much!


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