Most Embarrassing Moment – Top 2


Well, last Sunday, I had a really embarrassing moment. In fact, I think that this is my second most embarrassing moment in my life. The first being when Steven H. was spitting on me in the bubble at Oakcrest Elementary and my skirt flipped up and everyone saw my Mickey Mouse underwear and then I walked around with my skirt up and I didn’t know.

Let me just preface that I was premenstrual and my emotions were all over the place. In Relief Society, Jen gave this amazing lesson about Depression and Mormon women. It was a great lesson and I learned that I shouldn’t compare myself to others but that I should love myself for who I am, imperfections and all. Well, at the end of the lesson she asked us what resources are available to us if we struggle with depression. People talked about doctors and therapy and medication, etc. But I wanted to share an experience that I had about 2 years ago. It was during a period in my life when I was having a very difficult time and I was very sad and devestated. My heart was broken. I wanted to share that Jesus Christ was able to heal my heart. I prayed and sought His divine help. It was the lowest moment of my life. The miracle was that the next morning, after feeling the saddest that I had ever felt, I woke up renewed and I had so much peace and love in my heart. It truly was a miracle and the Savior was able to heal my broken heart. I’d never experienced anything like it. I know that God listens to our prayers and he loves us. He will help us in our time of need and he has the power to heal our broken hearts.

Well, I’m glad that I shared that experience because I felt that I needed to but the embarrassing part was that I cried uncontrollably while sharing that experience. It was a mixture of just feeling the spirit and being premenstrual. HAHA! Probably the worst time to bawl your eyes out would be during a lesson about depression. Now I’m pretty sure that my whole ward thinks that I’m really depressed. I felt so humiliated after that. I actually am so happy and things are going so well for me. I was so embarrassed about it that I went home and cried to Matt about it. Haha!


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