Lilah – 7 months


Time is flying by so fast! It’s really fun to see Lilah grow. She is so much fun! She loves us so much and we love her more than anything. Lilah was sitting up at 6 months and this past week she started crawling at 7 months! She is such a wiggly worm. It’s so funny. I wonder how many calories she burns every day! Our little athlete. Haha! This past week, she also started saying, “Mama”. I’ve been trying to teach her sign language for a couple of months and one of the signs is Mama. So everytime I walk into the room, I sign and say Mama. The other day, I was getting ready in the bathroom, when Matt brought her to me. When she saw me, she got so excited and said, “Mama!” I don’t know if she really knows what it means yet, but she said it like 5 more times that day. 🙂 It’s so fun. She doesn’t sign back to me yet, but I think that she may be catching on to the meaning of some of the signs. I’m trying to teach her Mom, Dad, Food, Drink/Milk, Outside, Play, Diaper, Bath, Car, Flower, All done, and Book. Hopefully she’ll start signing back sometime soon.

Things that Lilah loves include books, her blocks, Mom and Dad, avocado, vegetables, apples, her sippy cup (she get’s so excited when I show it to her), her baby einstein jumper, the swing in the backyard, water (to drink and to swim/bathe in), splashing, peek-a-boo, singing, hiking, going outside for a walk or to get the mail, the smart phone, her binky, putting EVERYTHING into her mouth and blowing raspberries. She gets shy around other people and she will hide her face in my shoulder but then she’ll warm up to them after a while.


I love how she puts her hand like this when she gets really tired. She looks so dramatic. 🙂


4th of July – We went to the Sandy Parade with Grandma and Grandpa Thorup. She loved watching the floats go by. We also went to Oma and Grandpa Hart’s house for a fun lunch with the fam.



My little hiker. We’ve been on a lot of hikes this summer, Including Donut Falls with the cousins, Alta, Neff’s Canyon, Little Cottonwood Canyon hikes, etc. It’s been a fun summer.


We had the best time at the Hart Family Cabin in Woodland. We spent time with the family, shot guns, went fishing and roasted hotdogs and marshmallows. It was a blast. Lilah loved being held by her Oma.



Matt and I love to cuddle Lilah. Lilah usually squirms away but this time, she was loving cuddle time with her Dad. Matt and Lilah adore eachother. Lilah gets so excited everytime that Matt comes home from work.



Last week we went up to Alta to go and see the wildflowers. I’m always amazed at how beautiful it is there and it’s only 20 minutes from our house!







This was at the Days of ’47 parade downtown with my family. They all slept on the street overnight but we just showed up in the morning. It was a lot of fun. We then went to Oma and Grandpa Hart’s house for dinner and after Lilah went to bed, Matt and I watched the fireworks from our backyard. It was the best 24th of July ever!







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