Lilah – 6 months old!


I can’t believe that my little bug is 6 months old already!! It’s gone by way too fast!! Time needs to slow down. We love everyday though. It’s fun to see her grow and learn. She’s like a pet. I always show people her new tricks when we go places. Lately, her new tricks include rolling around like crazy, eating baby food, sitting up by herself and standing when you hold her hands. We think that she is so smart. We laugh all of the time. She is such a happy baby and she is really smiley and fun. I love her laugh. Matt tickles her all of the time with his nose and she belly laughs. She is starting to get shy around strangers. She’ll hide her face from them by putting her head on me. It makes me feel good that she knows me and that she loves me. She loves peek-a-boo and she smiles at everybody. She especially loves to watch her cousins play. She loves to watch little kids.

We had fun going to the zoo with Angie and Grandma. We were so impressed how Great Grandma just hopped up onto the merry-go-round animal. She’s amazing! Lilah hated the merry-go-round to say the least.

Lilah has such funny hair. I love it. It’s grown so much since she was born. She was really bald on top for a long time with a few long Homer Simpson hairs. Her hair was really long on the sides and on the back. I had to trim her hair a little on the sides of her head because they were getting into her eyes. She has a bald patch on the back of her head from it rubbing on the floor when she’s playing. Her hair cracks me up. It’s starting to grow in on the top now and it’s looking really cute. It’s really straight like Matt’s hair but I think that it may be brown like my hair. It’s lighter on top but really dark on the bottom by her neck. We’ll see.

She goes to Great Grandma Thorup’s house on Tuesday’s and Matt watches her on the weekends when I work. We are so grateful for Grandma Thorup’s help. Lilah loves Grandma Thorup! We are signed up for the IHC daycare for the fall, but because of Matt’s new job, we probably won’t need it which is great because it’s so expensive! Lilah will probably get too busy for Grandma when she starts crawling so I’ll be able to watch her. I work 2 days/week. My shifts are 12 hours long but I could work weekends and some nights during the week. Matt can watch her during the mornings while I sleep until he leaves for work in the early afternoon. It’s awesome. I love Matt’s new job schedule. I love being able to see him more. He works closer and he gets to ride his bike to work. He really loves that. It’s not his dream job but it’s great until he gets into PA school.

He’s working on his applications. He wants to apply to around 25 schools this year to make sure that he gets in. I think that he will be a great PA and I really hope that he gets into the U of U! But if not, I will be so happy to follow him anywhere. He is such a supportive and kind husband. He takes such good care of Lilah and me. A lot of times, I don’t feel like the most attractive woman with all of the spit up on me and my mommy clothes but Matt tells me all of the time how he thinks that I’m the most amazing woman to him and that he loves me so much. He is so sweet. I love him and I’m so lucky to have him. He is the best dad to Lilah. She adores him. She gets so excited when he comes home from work. He reads her stories and takes her on walks. He plays with her on the floor and rocks her to sleep. He takes naps with her, changes her diaper and gives her baths. He cleans the house a lot and he is always so fun to hang out with. Lilah and I are super lucky to have such a great man in our lives. Thanks for all that you do, Matt! We love you!

The church contacted me a couple of months ago about going to Ecuador on another NRP trip but I said no because of my new little baby. I’m a little sad about it because I love Ecuador so much and I love going on those trips but my little baby is more important to me right now. I hope that I can go again in the next couple of years though! I did take Lilah with me on the last trip to Colombia, she just wasn’t born yet. 🙂 I hope that one day, Matt, Lilah and I can all go on a humanitarian trip together. I would love that! That’s one of my dreams.






























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