Lilah – 5 1/2 Months


Wow! Times goes by way to quickly! I can’t believe how big my little baby is getting. It is so much fun to watch her grow up. I think that she is so adorable! Matt and I love her with all of our hearts. Since I last posted about Lilah, she has started eating solid food. At our 4 months appointment, our pediatrician said that we could start solid foods if Lilah was acting ready. We tried a little oatmeal and she was not impressed. She kept pushing the spoon away. It was funny. A couple of weeks later we tried again and she did great! She loves carrots, sqash and sweet potatoes. She is rolling all over the place. It’s crazy! She seems like she may start crawling in a month or so. We’ll put her down on the floor, look away for a minute and then she’ll be 3 or 4 feet away! She’s so wiggly and active. We started to notice her moving so much when we went to Mexico with my family. It was the best trip! I loved spending the whole week with Matt, Lilah and the rest of my family. Lilah also started blowing raspberries and she belly laughs when Matt tickles her. It’s so cute. We are in love with our little girl!

20130629-153919.jpg 20130629-153734.jpg 20130611-013010.jpg 20130611-012952.jpg 20130611-012941.jpg 20130611-012930.jpg 20130611-012917.jpg 20130611-012833.jpg 20130611-012817.jpg 20130611-012515.jpg 20130611-012441.jpg 20130611-012408.jpg 20130611-012337.jpg 20130611-012245.jpg 20130611-012214.jpg 20130611-012157.jpg 20130611-012142.jpg


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