Mexico 2013!


We went to Mexico in May with all of my family! It was so much fun!!! We went to Cozumel and stayed in an all inclusive resort. We had a blast!!! It was a slower paced trip because of the baby but we didn’t mind. We stayed at the resort for the whole week except when Matt and I got to go scuba diving. The food was so amazing and the beach was beautiful! We had so much fun with my family. My parents, brother, sisters, brother in laws, sister in law, and all of my crazy nieces and nephews were there. I LOVE my nieces and nephew so much and I can’t believe that they are growing up so fast! They all adore Matt so much. It’s really cute. It was amazing to get to spend a whole week with them. We loved it!

Lilah was 5 months old during the trip. We were a little worried about how Lilah would do on the airplane but she did great on the way there. She got a little fussy on the way home, but we survived.

Matt and I were able to go scuba diving. It was amazing to experience that with him. It’s like another world down there. We saw tons of fish, lobsters, crabs, and a few giant sea turtles. Matt went diving most of the days. I went with him on a night dive and then two day dives on the last day.

Lilah LOVED the trip. I think that she just had so much fun being held and cuddled all week. She loved to be with the family. She was very popular at the resort. Everyone thought that she was so adorable with her sunglasses and swimming suit. She went swimming for her first time in the pool and she fell asleep while floating on the water with her life jacket. It was so funny. We are so lucky! Thanks Mom and Dad for a great trip!!!20130611-013158.jpg20130611-013229.jpg20130611-013302.jpg20130611-013359.jpg20130611-013432.jpg20130611-013522.jpg20130611-013601.jpg20130629-114848.jpg20130629-114932.jpg20130629-120616.jpg20130629-120636.jpg20130629-120654.jpg20130629-120839.jpg20130629-120921.jpg20130629-120935.jpg20130629-120959.jpg20130629-121013.jpg20130629-121031.jpg20130629-121052.jpg20130629-121110.jpg20130629-121123.jpg20130629-121210.jpg20130629-121219.jpg20130629-121236.jpg20130629-121247.jpg20130629-121259.jpg20130629-121313.jpg20130629-121332.jpg20130629-121345.jpg20130629-121414.jpg20130629-121431.jpg20130629-121450.jpg20130629-121506.jpg20130629-121519.jpg20130629-121531.jpg20130629-121542.jpg20130629-121620.jpg20130629-121634.jpg20130629-121646.jpg20130629-121657.jpg20130629-121804.jpg


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