I finished Intermediate 3!!!


     For work, we are required to do 3 years of mandatory education. The NICU is very specialized and has a very long orientation. Each year, after orientation, one if required to finish extensive education that includes a lot of reading, study guides and pre-tests, a test that  you have to pass with 85%, mentored shifts, and buddy shifts. It’s really a lot of work and you learn so much from it. Intermediate 1  is required before the end of year 1, Intermediate 2 for year 2 and Intermediate 3 for year 3. Sometimes it takes longer because of the difficulty getting mentored shifts due to the patient census which is what happened in my case.

     I finished my intermediate 3 requirements last week! I’m so excited to be finished with those. I can now take care of any patient on my unit no matter the acuity. Lately, I have had some very high acuity patients and it’s been a really neat experience to be their nurse. I’m so grateful for the things that I’ve learned and I’m grateful that I have the skills and knowledge to take care of these critically ill babies. I LOVE working in the NICU and I am grateful for the educational opportunities that we have here on the unit. It’s so nice to be done with Intermediate 3 and my bachelor’s degree before the baby comes! Now I just need to graduate from pregnancy. 🙂


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