I am a University of Utah graduate!!!


     Last Thursday, I officially finished my Bachelor’s degree! I’m so excited to finally be done! It only took me 8 years! HaHa! I have been a nurse for 3 and a half years. I got my Associates of Applied Science in Nursing from Salt Lake Community College and then I went on to get my Associates of Science in Nursing. I then transferred to the University of Utah to finish my Bachelors in the RN-BSN program. It is so exciting to be done and right before the baby comes too.

     I’ve always felt that it’s so important to get a good education and I wanted to get my Bachelor’s degree to be a good example to our future kids. It’s been tough. Matt and I have worked very hard all through school to pay for tuition. It’s been tough to work full-time and go to school full or part-time, but Matt and I did it! Matt also graduated with his Bachelor’s degree from the U of U in Health Promotion and Education last August! I’m so proud of him. He is awesome!

     Having a Bachelor’s degree (BSN) doesn’t really help me a lot in my current job but it opens up a lot of possibilities for the future. I will be able to pursue other roles on my unit eventually and have more educational opportunities. Also, if Matt gets into Physician Assistant school somewhere else in the country, I’ll be much more marketable candidate for another job. I hope that we can stay here because my current job is my dream job.


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