38 Weeks!


     Well, the countdown has begun! I only have 2 more weeks (or 3 weeks if I go over and need to be induced)! I’m really excited!  She seems to be doing really well. She’s growing a lot and moving a ton. I love to feel her strong kicks. It’s so fun to be able to take her with me everywhere I go. I just love her so much and I can’t wait to meet her and see what she looks like. It is so surreal. It just doesn’t seem real that Matt and I are going to be parents. We can’t wait.

     I’ve started to dilate and efface so hopefully she’ll be here by the end of the year. My due date is December 27th but the latest that she will come is 41 weeks which will be January 3rd. Next week, my doctor will strip the membranes so I hope that she comes before Christmas. It would be so much fun to have her here for Christmas!  I’m scheduled to work until my due date but hopefully she’ll come sooner. That way, I won’t have to work on Christmas Day and I could bring her home in a stocking. 🙂

     I’ve been feeling pretty well. It’s been a great pregnancy. The only things that stink are that my legs are so swollen, I have acne, reflux and carpal tunnel, and I can’t sleep or roll over when I sleep. LOL. 🙂 But I feel very lucky compared to a lot of my friends who have had really tough pregnancies. I just pray that she is healthy and that the delivery goes well.

     It’s really hard to work in the NICU and see all of these sweet babies who were fine until delivery and now are fighting for their lives. I worry about Lilah and I just pray that God will bless us with the miracle of a healthy baby. I’m really grateful that everything has looked fine up until this point. It’s just heartbreaking to see these poor families at work. Things didn’t turn out the way that they planned. I do feel that if something sad did happen to us during delivery, I have been prepared through my experience working in the NICU to be able to deal with it. Every baby truly is a miracle and I know that God has a plan for us and that He loves us even if we don’t understand why we have to go through challenges in this life.

     Yesterday was really fun! We were able to go and finish buying all of the things that we needed for the baby. We are so grateful for everything that people have given to us. People are very kind. Matt and I deep cleaned the house and set up all of Lilah’s stuff so that it’s ready for her when she comes. We have the cutest outfit to take her home from the hospital in. I can’t wait! I hope that she comes soon!


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