Week 26


My belly is getting so big! I can feel it stretching. It’s so fun. It’s getting hardier to breathe because my belly is pressing up on my diaphragm. I’m feeling her more and more now. We went to the doctor and she is looking great. I’m also very grateful because my gestational diabetes screen was negative for diabetes. I was scared about that since I’ve gained so much weight. I’ve gained 27 pounds already! I went to the dietitian this week. It was good to go. Matt is the sweetest and always tells me how beautiful I am. He’s so good to me. I definitely don’t feel very beautiful lately.

I’m so excited for the baby to come. It’s so weird that Matt and I are going to be parents! I love watching Matt with our nieces and nephews. He is so good with them and I’m glad that I married someone who will be such a great dad. We tended Angie and Bruce’s kids last night and then Matt watched Neil and Alisha’s kids tonight.


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