Week 25


     Wow. Time is going by so fast! I just love being pregnant! (Please don’t hate me). I feel bad saying that because I know so many people who really have hard pregnancies. I’ve been really lucky. The worst thing is that I have reflux and crazy dreams. Oh, and the fact that I’ve grown so much in more places than my belly (and I’m not talking about the desirable places). Will my body ever be back to normal again?! What’s it with old men and telling me that I’m getting fat. Grandpa Thorup, Grandpa Christen and my Dad all said that. (Dad, sorry to put you in the old man category) I wanted to answer back to them, “Well, you are getting old.” but I didn’t. Please . . . If you are an old man reading my blog . . . don’t say that to a pregnant woman. Seriously.

     It’s so amazing to be pregnant. It is such a miracle. My baby is getting so big and today, for the first time, I felt her stretch while I was making breakfast for Matt and me. It was so crazy! My belly went all lopsided and it just felt so weird. Matt was able to see it too. I’ve been feeling occasional little kicks here and there but today I’ve felt big movements and it’s so awesome! I love her so much. I wish that it was Christmas already (I’m due Dec. 27th) but I don’t want to wish this time away. It’ s fun to experience all of these new things with Matt.

      The last couple days at work, in the NICU, I’ve taken care of a baby that is the same gestation as mine – 25 weeks! It’s really amazing to see this sweet little baby and think that my baby may look similar. The baby at work probably weighs the same as my sweet girl. So tiny. What a little miracle. Being pregnant and working in the NICU has really made me more sympathetic to the families here. I feel for them and I really love their babies. I’m so grateful for the opportunity that I have to work here. I never want to work anywhere else. I hope that we don’t have to move out of state for P.A. school. It would be so hard to have to quit my job but I’m sure that Heavenly Father will open more doors for us wherever we go.

     It’s been fun to watch my nieces lately. Matt and I keep saying, “Holy Cow! We are going to have one of those!” Matt is so excited to be a Dad. It’s cute. He keeps talking about all of the things he’ll do with her. Today, Matt told me how he can’t wait to play cars with her. (BTW- Matt is my husband, not a little kid.) I feel like our love has grown so much for each other throughout this pregnancy. We’ve always been crazy about each other, but this takes it to a whole new level. Matt is AMAZING and I’m so happy that he chose me. I’m a lucky girl.


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  1. I’m glad you’re enjoying pregnancy. It sure does help when you generally feel pretty good. I’m feeling rather anxious for December to come as well- especially when I see newborns. I know it’ll be here soon enough. I’m very excited for you and Matt. You both really will be excellent parents!

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