It’s Our Four Year Anniversary!


Caution . . . This will be cheesy. 🙂

     Today is my wedding anniversary! Matt and I have been married for four years! Wow. It’s so crazy to think that we’ve been married for four years. It’s gone by so fast. I loved Matt so much when we were dating but I have never loved him more than I love him right now. Our love just continues to grow all of the time. Matt is my dream man in every way and I still get butterflies being around him. I love our life together and I can not imagine my life without him. He is my best friend and I never get sick of being around him. I wish that we could spend all day, every day together. We started out with nothing financially and we still don’t have a lot but we feel that we are the richest people on Earth because of our marriage. It’s what we treasure most. We have had some difficult times but our challenges have made us so much stronger and our love has grown. We have worked so hard to reach our goals and dreams together. I love having someone who treasures me so much and who helps me to want to be a better person. Matt supports me in all of my dreams and goals and I’m so proud of him for all that he’s accomplished. He works so hard for our family and he is so dedicated to becoming the best that he can be. He helps me to become my best self and is so patient and forgiving when I mess up. I’m grateful to Matt for chosing me. I am so happy that we can start our family together. I know that he will be an awesome dad to our baby girl. I want to be with him forever. I’m excited for our life together. There is no one else in the world that I’d rather spend my life. In our faith, we believe that families can be together forever, even after we die. I’m so grateful to know that I can be together with Matt forever. I love Matt more than anything.


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