Scary Night in the Emergency Department


Last Wednesday was a very scary night. Matt and I went over to my Mom and Dad’s to use their computer when I found out that I was bleeding heavily. I yelled to Matt to come and help me.  He came right away and he took me to the Emergency Department. I was crying. I’m 19 weeks pregnant and I was really scared that I was going to lose our little girl. We prayed in the car and then in the parking lot of the Emergency Department that Heavenly Father would spare the life of our little girl.

I was kind of second guessing if we should have gone to the hospital that we went to because Matt knew everyone from working there and everyone was joking with us, but I was not in a joking mood. They were all very nice and attentive.  They took us back to our room and drew my blood and placed an IV. We had the greatest nurse and our doctor was also so great and attentive. He did an ultrasound to see if the baby was okay. She had a strong heartbeat at 154 beats per minute but he said that it looked like part of my placenta had detached from the uterus which may be the cause of the bleeding. Matt and I were expecting the worse after that. The doctor ordered a more extensive bedside ultrasound but the ultrasound tech wouldn’t tell me what she saw. She let me look at our baby on the ultrasound and from what I saw of my placenta, it looked very different from my previous ultrasounds and I was very afraid that it really was an abruption of the placenta.

Matt and I were waiting in the room and I was just crying so hard. Matt was so sweet to me and took such good care of me. He’s always so sweet and sensitive. We were watching the olympics, trying to get our minds off of everything. We called my Dad to come and help Matt give me a blessing. Matt gave me one of the most special blessings that I have ever had. I felt the Holy Ghost so strongly in my chest and also in my womb where our baby is. It just filled me with peace and I felt so much better. He blessed me that I would be able to continue on with the pregnancy and that our baby and I would have a special bond from this experience. I felt God’s love for me and our little girl. It was a very special experience and I’m grateful that my husband has the priesthood.

The doctor came and did a pelvic exam and luckily the bleeding had stopped and the cervix was closed. He said that the pelvic exam looked good. He also said that the radiologist read the ultrasound and it showed that I had a thickened placenta but that he didn’t see any signs of a placental abruption. That was a huge relief and truly a miracle from God.

I was and still am a little worried because it really shook me. The doctor said to follow-up with my OB/GYN as soon as possible. I was very grateful for the great care that I received from the amazing staff at IMC. We were lucky that it was the slowest night of the week and we got right in.

Matt and I went home and just kneeled down and thanked Heavenly Father in prayer for sparing the life of our little baby. We know that whatever happens, we’ll be alright and that God will help us and strengthen us.

It was a tough night after that. I had a bunch of dreams that night about losing the baby over and over again. I dreamt that they wouldn’t let me hold her when she died. I was grateful to wake up but still scared about what happened.

My OB called me on Thursday and he thinks that everything is just fine but we won’t know for sure until next Wednesday when I get my 20 week ultrasound. He made me feel a lot better but I’ve just had a hard week. Matt has been taking really good care of me. He is the best husband ever. I am just hoping that everything goes well for the rest of the pregnancy.


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