Week 17 – It’s a . . . ?


Well, yesterday, we finally found out the gender of our baby! It’s a GIRL! We went for the nuMOM2b study at IMC and got our second trimester ultrasound. I was so nervous and excited! I was nervous because I’m a NICU nurse and I see the worst case scenario 100% of the time. Ignorance is such bliss. I wish sometimes that I didn’t know all that I know. Everything looked great, though, with our little girl. She looks very healthy as far as we can see. They didn’t do the full 20 week ultrasound, yet. We will schedule that with our doctor next Wednesday. I feel so grateful to my Heavenly Father for the opportunity to be pregnant and that our sweet girl is healthy and growing well. Matt and I love her so much already. We can’t wait until Christmas because that is when we get the best present that we will ever get . . . our baby GIRL!

It was fun telling our families the gender. When we found out that we were going to have a girl, we waited to tell our families until we were all together. We told my family at Sunday dinner and we told Matt’s family at the 24th of July party by making a cake. I dyed the cake inside pink so that when you cut into it,  they would know that we’re having a girl. The little kids were SO excited. They had been talking about it for days. The suspense was killing them. It was so cute watching them gather round the cake and celebrate. It was a fun way to tell our families.


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  1. I think it’s so fun that you are having a girl too! Me, you and Aubrey are all having girls and due within a 2 week time span. Don’t worry, I’m sure there is plenty that I don’t know about or realize could go wrong, but I still worry. And worry some more. You aren’t alone. 🙂

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