Feeling the Baby Kick!


     I swear that I’ve felt the baby move since I was only about 14 weeks or so, but it was just hard to tell because she was so little. But today, just moments ago, I really felt her move strongly. 🙂  It’s so fun! I love her so much. I can’t believe that I’m going to be a mom. I am really excited. It’s such a miracle to me that my daughter is growing inside of me! I really believe in God, but being pregnant has really made my belief in God so much stronger.  It’s amazing that Matt and I created this little miracle that is growing inside of me.


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  1. I thought I first felt Hailey at 14 weeks too. This time I swore I felt the baby move at 12 weeks. But sometimes it’s just so difficult to know for sure so early on. But once you really really feel it, you totally know it. Isn’t it so great? Makes me so happy. Congratulations!

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