Matt Quit His Job.


     Oh, man. Matt and I have talked a lot lately about him quitting his job and he finally did it today. He’s just so overwhelmed with school and work and his internship. It’s been hard for him because he also has the deadline coming up to apply to Physician Assistant (P.A.) school in August and September. It is really important for us that he get in to P.A. school. We can wait another year if needed, but it would be great to get in this year. We decided that it would be best for him to take a leave of absence or go PRN (pick up free shifts and not have a schedule) at work, but those things were not an option, so he had to quit his job.

     We are a little nervous. It’s scary in this economy for him not to have a job, especially because I’m going to have a baby this December, but I have a great stable job and we are just praying that Heavenly Father will help us to make it through this difficult and scary time. We have faith that this is the path that we are supposed to follow and we know that Heavenly Father will help us and bless us. He always has and we know that he always will. I support Matt 100% and I hope that he gets into P.A. school this year. He will be a great Physician Assistant.


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