Praying to get into P.A. school!


     Since I met Matt, four and a half years ago, he’s had very big goals and high expectations for himself. He wants to be a Physician Assistant so badly. He’s been working so hard in school since I’ve met him to achieve that goal. Well, the time is here where he can finally apply for P.A. school! He’s really stressed out about getting in because he’s worked so hard for it. He’ll be graduating from the University of Utah this December (with me). We hope that he will be able to get into the University of Utah’s P.A. program but we will be happy to go anywhere. 🙂 It would be fun to move out of state. We would really miss our families but it would be a great experience for us.

     I think that Matt will be the best P.A.! He is really made for that job! He’s been working in the emergency department and he has learned so much. We’ve been praying that he will get in to P.A. school. We’re fine to wait another year if we need to. It might be better so that we can save up our money.


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