Week 12 and going into the second trimester!


This week was so fun. I had a great week in Colombia from June 2-10th. I was nervous about going while being pregnant but it really turned out great. I had no problems in the airplane and I don’t think I even ever saw a mosquito the whole trip. Everyone was so accomodating to me and cute Elder Ostos wouldn’t even let me lift a finger to carry anything. He was especially sweet, but so was everyone else on the trip. I had some motion sickness on the airplane, some indigestion and slow gut motility problems but overall, I felt great! I was very careful not to drink any water, juice or weird food. I didn’t get sick at all.

The day after I got home, we were able to go to IMC’s women’s center to participate in the nuMOM2b study. We get 3 free ultrasounds and 2 DVD’s. One ultrasound for each trimester. They took a survey about what kind of food I eat and about everything else in my life. The best part was getting to see our cute little baby! Matt and I got to see just how big he/she’s getting! I got an ultrasound at 8 weeks and now, at only 12 weeks, the changes are huge! According to my dates, I should have been 11 weeks and 6 days but the baby measured 11 weeks and 3 days.

The baby actually looks like a human now. It’s amazing. It was really special to see the ultrasound with Matt. He was so excited to see the baby. The baby even did a flip for us. We got to hear the heartbeat for the first time. It was beautiful and such a miracle to me. I love our baby so much!

I’m so grateful for the opportunity that I have to be a mother. I can’t wait! I’m grateful too, that I get to experience this all with Matt, who will be the BEST father! He is an amazing man and I can’t wait for our baby to come. I love our family. It’s exciting that we will have a new addition to the family for Christmas!


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