Week 10


     So I’ve been freaking out a little bit lately. Monday morning when I got home from work, I was just so exhausted and emotional. Matt was so sweet and just held me and told me that it was going to be alright. He is so sweet and sensitive. He really has been very understanding of my mood swings and he’s been so sweet and loving since I’ve gotten pregnant. He is always like that, but I especially appreciate it now that I’m pregnant. At work, I see the 1% of the babies that have horrible complications. It’s all that I see. I don’t see the 99% of babies that turn out just fine. It’s hard being pregnant and working in the NICU. I wish that I was ignorant to everything that could go wrong. I would be a lot calmer. 🙂

     I’m still feeling great. Just some normal pregnancy stuff and I had my first bought of nausea last weekend. I didn’t throw up. I just felt a little queasy for a few minutes. I’ve been feeling a little nervous about going to Colombia but Matt and I feel like it will be alright to go. We aren’t going anywhere with malaria and the conditions are really good. The church got me an aisle seat on my flights to and from Bogota, so that will be good so that I can get up and walk around a lot. I’m grateful for that! The worst part about going to Colombia is that I have to leave my husband, Matt. I am dreading that. It’s so hard being away from him. I hate it. I hope that he’ll be alright. I love him so much.


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