Week 8 continued . . .


I have been feeling very well this week except for some occasional mood swings and crying episodes. It’s not too bad though. I feel really happy all of the time but I am worried about some things. Our doctor’s appointment went great on Friday. Matt and I went to IMC, where we met, to see our baby for the first time. We were seen by Ida, a nurse midwife. She was very nice and answered most of our questions. She took us back to get an ultrasound just for fun. We saw our little peanut for the first time. We could see his/her little heart beating and I started to cry. Matt came over and kissed me. It was a very beautiful moment. I’m so glad that I got to share that moment with Matt. We got a little picture too.

(I added this scrapbook page on September 30th)

     Ida also told me that I am only supposed to gain 10-15 lbs during the pregnancy. I’m a little nervous about that. That might be difficult. I am trying to be healthy. I hope that everything will be okay.

They told me that I can’t go to by NRP humanitarian training in Colombia in 2 weeks. I was really frustrated because I’m sure that the church has already paid for everything. Matt and I didn’t know what to do. I called Alisha on my way to work. I was crying and she made me feel better about going. She was so sweet. At work that night I researched it and I talked to Brother Kartchner. He is one of the doctors coming with us and he just happens to run a travel clinic. He looked up all of the stuff for me on the CDC website about traveling when you’re pregnant and he said that I should be just fine to go. Matt and I prayed about it and we feel like it will be fine to go as long as I am careful and take lots of precautions. I would never do anything to hurt my baby. I feel like it will be alright. I’ll get a blessing from Matt before I go.


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