The Gospel of Jesus Christ Blesses Families


     I love my family. They are so amazing. Especially my sweet husband, Matt. There is nothing in this world that is more important to me than they are. I would do anything for them and I am very blessed to have them in my life, especially Matt. We have had our ups and downs but the thing that has strengthened us, united us and anchored us together is the gospel of Jesus Christ. It has given us an eternal perspective as we face day to day trials. It gives meaning and purpose to our lives.

     The gospel of Jesus Christ consists of five things: faith in Jesus Christ, repentance, baptism for the remission of sins, the Holy Ghost, and enduring to the end. As I have applied these principles in my life and in my family, I have felt heaven’s help in my life. Faith has helped me and Matt to learn to trust God and trust that if we keep His commandments, He will bless us. He definately has. I love how Matt is so committed to paying tithing. We have never gone without. I know that the Lord has opened so many doors for us because we have always paid a full tithing.

     We’re not perfect and we fall short all of the time s0 that’s why I love repentance so much. Repentance has helped Matt and I in so many ways individually and as a family. We’ve learned so much about forgiveness. Heavenly Father never gives up on us and we are committed to never give up on eachother. Baptism, going to church every Sunday and renewing our baptismal covenants each week has helped us to continually repent and progress. It has helped us to start over so many times.

     The Holy Ghost has guided us in so many decisions that we have made and it’s really comforted us as we’ve faced difficult times. Enduring to the end has given us an eternal goal that we strive for together as a family. That is why we keep going to church every Sunday and praying and repenting over and over again.

     As we have tried to apply these teachings of the Savior in our home, His beautiful spirit and light has filled our home with love, happiness, strength, forgiveness and peace. Centering our lives on the Savior has provided a foundation and anchor of faith that in this world of shifting values.

     My family has always strengthened me. I remember when I was growing up that Angie would read the scriptures to me and explain them to me. Seth gave the FHE lesson after His mission and the spirit that I felt as he bore his testimony strengthened my faith. Before he went on his mission, he taught me the missionary lessons and helped me to develop my own testimony. I remember that my sister April would take me to do “secret service” for people. She was the best example of service, kindness and pure love. I remember my Mom and Dad taking us to church every single Sunday without fail. They always taught me to do what was right. They were all my missionaries. 

     I love the change that I have seen in my own Dad throughout the years. My Dad is so kind, loving, and supportive. He serves so selflessly in his church calling. I look up to him so much. Our family has been so blessed by the priesthood that he holds. He was always counseling me and teaching me. I treasured his priesthood blessings growing up. The gospel blesses families because it blesses and changes individuals.

     I know that the gospel has changed me. It has worked miracles in my life and in my heart. Through faith, repentance, baptisms, and the gift of the Holy Ghost, I have been changed and strengthened. Because of the changed that have happened to me, I feel that I have the ability to be more of a blessing to my family.

     When families apply the gospel of Jesus Christ, the Savior can heal and strengthen them. We can be united by our faith. Peace, happiness and love can abound because each of us is trying to become more like the Savior.


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