Telling Our Families the Big News!


     This weekend, Matt and I told our families the big news. It was so fun. On Friday, we went to a birthday party for Alisha, Megan and me at Mom and Dad Hart’s house. Matt went to take a picture of everyone and instead of saying, “Say cheese!”, he said, “Erin’s pregnant!” At first they were like, don’t joke about that, but when they finally got it, Matt took the picture of their reaction once they knew that we weren’t joking. They were so surprised and happy. 🙂 It was really fun. Mom Hart wouldn’t let me help with the dishes even though I’m only 5 weeks pregnant. HaHa.  She is so sweet.

     Today, at Sunday dinner, we told my family. My grandparents, parents, brothers and sisters and their kids were all gathered around to say a prayer for the dinner. I said the prayer and at the end of the prayer, I said, “. . . and we thank thee that Matt and I are going to have a baby . . . amen.” Everyone was so excited! It was so cute because the little kids were jumping up and down. They were so excited that they were going to get another cousin. It was so cute. Everyone was very happy and of course, Seth and Angie were teasing each other because each of them thought that they found out before the other. HaHa.

     I’m glad that Matt and I are going to have the baby here in Utah before we go away to PA school. We still haven’t applied for PA school but it’s a possibility that we may have to move out-of-state. I’m excited that our families can be part of this happy occasion in December. I’m so grateful for all of our family support. Matt and I love our families so much and we are very blessed to have them.


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