I Can’t Keep My Mouth Shut


     I really need to keep my mouth shut more. I’m just so excited that Matt and I got pregnant that I am telling everyone! I need to not tell so many people just in case I have a miscarriage. I am praying that I don’t and that the baby and I can be healthy and that the baby will develop properly but I know that it’s always a possiblility that things don’t go the way that I want them to. I have faith though that everything will be alright. I am so happy.

     Tonight at work, I was holding Malaiya and it was so fun. She is such an angel! She and Aubrey are my very favorites here on the unit. I am so grateful to be Aubrey’s primary.  She is such a sweet baby. I love how she smiles at me. She knows me and loves me. I’ve been her primary for 5 months or so now and she’s progressed so much. I hope that she does alright. I love her mom, Brittany. She is so great with Aubrey. I love working with our babies. It makes me so excited for my baby but also very paranoid. HaHa.


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