I can’t believe it! I’m pregnant!! Matt and I are so excited!!! I found out on Wednesday morning. Matt and I were at home and I took the pregnancy test. I didn’t want to just tell him then because I wanted to tell him in a special way. So, I told him that I didn’t take the pregnancy test yet and that I was going to wait until the morning. That was the first time that I ever lied to Matt. 🙂 I had an 8 page final paper to write that day and I was so stressed about getting that done so I went to Mom and Dad Thorup’s house because Matt accidentally poured water all over his new MacBook Pro earlier in the week and he needed the computer too. We then met up at the Maliheh Clinic to volunteer and it was killing me not to tell him so I told him we needed to leave early because I wanted to take him somewhere. I picked up a box and a binky on the way home (we were in separate cars) and then I picked him up at home and told him that I was going to take him somewhere. I gave him a little box and told him that he couldn’t open it up yet.

     I drove him to the Harmon’s on 7800 South and 700 East. They have these parking stalls that say “Reserved for Expecting Mothers”. I pulled into the stall and he had the best reaction. He yelled, “You’re pregnant?!” We both got a little teary eyed and then he said, “I did it!!” HAHA. He was joking and said that he wasn’t sure if he had it in him, literally. He then said that now his job is over. LOL! It was so funny and such a beautiful, sweet moment to share together. He was so excited. He then opened the little box and it had a binky in it with the positive pregnancy test.

      Matt is the best husband ever and he is going to be the BEST dad. I love him so much. He treats me so well and he loves me so much. I’m so thankful to be married to such an amazing man. He is my best friend in the world. I’m so excited that we are going to have a baby! The due date is December 27, 2012. Our little Christmas present. 🙂 I’m about 5 weeks along right now. I hope that everything goes well.

     I already feel different now that I know. I just feel that my baby is always here with me even though it’s only the size of a poppy-seed right now. 🙂 I just feel it’s little spirit. I haven’t felt sick at all. The only thing is that the other day when I was so mad and sad for no reason. It was funny. I thought it was just PMS or something but now I know why. It was just for a couple of hours and I’ve felt so happy and good the rest of the time. I just love my body! I love that I can have a baby. It’s amazing. Matt and I fasted last week that we could get pregnant and then we found out this week. We are so grateful.


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