Elmo Cake for Brookley


     Last Sunday, I made an Elmo cake for Brookley. She’s 2. She really wanted it for her birthday but it didn’t work out. I have kept promising her that I’d make an Elmo cake for her and I finally did. A few weeks ago, when we talked about how I was going to make an Elmo cake for her and she put her hands over her heart and tilted her head to the side while saying adoringly, “My favorite Elmo cake”. It was so funny.

     She gave the best reaction when I brought it over to her house. It was only a small 6″ cake but she loved it so much. She was so happy and she wouldn’t even let us turn it. No one could get to close or she’d push them away. It was so funny. We didn’t think that she’d let us cut it but she did and when she got her piece she said, “Bye bye, Elmo.” We were all laughing so hard. Matt then said in an Elmo voice, “Elmo will live on in us all.” HaHa!


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  1. Oh my gosh, Erin! I just checked out all of your cakes…they’re soooo cute! I LOVE the stacked blue/turquoise one with the fake flower. 🙂 You should learn how to make me a wedding cake for in like 8 million years when I do get married… Hahaha. But for real, they’re sooo cute! Love them, can’t wait to see ya in a few weeks!

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