When Matt Proposed at the Grand Canyon


     In May of 2008 after Matt and I had been dating for a really, really long time . . . ah hum . . . three months :), we went on a road trip to the Grand Canyon where he proposed to me. It was so fun. His friend, also named Matt, came with us and was kind of invited so that he could be our chaperone. LOL. It was so much fun. We visited Matt’s sister Heidi and her husband, Bill, in Saint George and then drove to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon to camp for a couple of days. Little did we know that the Grand Canyon would be closed. Little did we know that the Grand Canyon could close. LOL. The North Rim of the Grand Canyon doesn’t open up until the last week of May, I guess. The people at the gas station near the closed road to the Visitor’s Center gave us some directions to this place called “Crazy Jug” where you can camp in the off season on the edge of the Grand Canyon.

     We got lost on the way and it took us hours and hours to get to the campsite. We had so much fun though, we didn’t really care. When we arrived at Crazy Jug, we went out to the cliff to look at the Grand Canyon for the first time in both of our lives. Matt’s friend was hiding in the bushes to take pictures of us. I was wondering where he went. After seeing the amazing canyon, I said, “It’s gorgeous!” then Matt said, “You’re gorgeous.” (Oh, cute) Matt then got down on his knee, opened up the ring box and said, “Erin, I love you. Will you marry me.” It was so sweet. I didn’t say anything for a while except, “You LIAR!” because I asked him earlier if he was going to propose at the Grand Canyon and he said “no”. LOL. I guess he wanted it to be a surpise or something. 🙂 I was just kidding though about the liar thing. I was so excited and then after remembering that it was a question that he asked, I said “Yes”.


     We hugged and he twirled me on the cliff and then I said not to twirl me on the cliff so we stepped away from the cliff and he twirled me some more. 🙂 It was so beautiful. We were all alone, except for Matt’s friend,  who is also named Matt, who was hiding in the bushes taking pictures of us. HaHa.

     I treasure that moment. That was the start of our life together. We’ve been married now for 3 and 3/4 years. I will forever hold “Crazy Jug” in my heart and maybe someday we’ll go back there again. I just think that “Crazy Jug” is the coolest name for a place to get engaged. 🙂 We may name our first child Crazy Jug. We’ll see. 



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