Matt is the Best Husband Ever!!


     I love my husband! Matt is so amazing. He is the best friend that I have ever had and I just love how he is so in love with me. 🙂 I am so in love with him too. When we got married, we made a goal to be honeymooners for life. So far, we have succeeded. We’ve been married since August 8, 2008! I can’t believe that it’s almost been 4 years. It’s gone by really fast but it also feels like we’ve known eachother forever.

     Matt and I met at Intermountain Medical Center when I was working there as a CNA on the Surgical/Trauma Floor and he was working there as a Phlebotomist. We met in room 1102. That day, my patient was really sick. She needed to go to emergency surgery. Matt was in there drawing labs. It was the first time that I’d ever seen him. He was making everyone laugh and I thought that he was so handsome and sweet. He asked me out to go get a smoothie in the cafeteria and it was right in front of the patient. I was so embarrassed and shy. My face went bright red. I just kindof left without saying much after that. Matt told the patient to talk him up so she kept telling me how wonderful he was and that I should go out with him. I thought to myself that I blew it so I said a little prayer and asked for a second chance. The next day, we ran into eachother in the hall and I said, “So, when are we going to get that smoothie?’ We started talking about our missions and it turns out that my favorite mission companion is really good friends with Matt and she had been trying to set us up for a long time. Neither of us knew that we were the ones that she was trying to set us up with.

     It was just meant to be. We hit it off immediately and became best friends right off. I fell in love with Matt so much and Matt fell in love with me too. We just knew that we were supposed to be together. I am so grateful for Matt. There is no one else that I would want to spend my life with but Him. He is my treasure and I feel so blessed and lucky to have him in my life. Here is a slideshow of my favorite pictures of us.

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