Cakes that I’ve Made


     These are some more cakes that I have made since I took the cake decorating class at Michael’s. It’s such a fun hobby. I love to do it. It’s especially fun to do for the kids because they get so excited to see their cake. Matt’s mom always made fun cakes for her kids while they were growing up and I want to do the same thing for our kids one day. Some of the pictures aren’t very good quality because I took them with my phone camera. Some of them were definitely trial and error because these were the first cakes that I made. If you want to see more of my cakes, click “My Cakes” to the right.

Christina’s Birthday Cake

Welcome Cake

Seth’s BYU Cake

Mother’s Day Cake 2011

Megan’s Bird Cake

Grandpa Park’s 80th Birthday Cake

Grandma Thorup’s Relief Society Party Cake

Mom and Dad Hart’s Birthday Cake 2011 (My first fondant cake)

Nate’s Birthday Cake


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  1. Your cakes are awesome! That one for Matt’s mom and dad is so cool! Love it! You will have to tell me more about the fondant process. But one of my favorites was Meg’s bird cake. So adorable!

    • Oh, thanks Angie. I thought that the fondant cake was the worst one. The bow on top totally looked aweful. LOL. Thanks though. It’s really easy to make fondant. You just melt marshmallows and mix it with powdered sugar until you get the right consistency. You then color it and roll it out. It’s really messy and sticky but it’s fun.

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