Rocket Ship Cake for Jack


     Today, I made a rocket ship cake for my cute little nephew Jack. It’s a white cake with oreo-buttercream filling. Jack is turning 3 on Sunday. He’s been so excited for me to make him a rocket ship cake. He’s at such a cute stage. 🙂 I had Luke, Megan, Noelle, Sophie and Jack over tonight while I was decorating the cake. They were tons of fun and so cute. They colored, made cake-balls and watched “Finding Nemo”. We had a lot of fun. I’m so grateful to be their aunt. I love all of their hugs and kisses. All of my nieces and nephews are just the best kids ever. ❤

I love this picture because of Jack’s face in the back. We didn’t even tell him to do that face. LOL.

These are the cute decorations that Christina did for the party. She’s so talented. I love her style.

They are going to have little cupcakes, too, with littles aliens on top.

I love Jack. He’s so adorable.


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