Spanish Medical Interpretation


     I have been volunteering at the Maliheh Free Clinic lately and it’s been so much fun. I volunteer with my husband, Matt. My favorite part is that I get to use my spanish medical interpretation skills. It’s such good practice. I got qualified to do spanish medical interpretation through my work in 2009, but I really haven’t been able to use it too much. It seems like lately, though, I have been able to do lots of interpreting at work and at the clinic. I also learned a lot of new words when I went to Colombia last October.

     I love being able to help the hispanic people in my community. I have such a special place in my heart for them because of my mission and my travels to South America. They are so grateful for the help that we give them. It’s interesting because at work, it’s so rare for parents to thank us for the work we do to save their babies lives. They hardly ever say thank you. The people at the clinic, though, are very kind and grateful. If I ever have someone in the hospital, I’m going to be sure to thank the people caring for my loved one. We need that as nurses.


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