The Amazing Race


The Amazing Race is the coolest show ever. Its my favorite. I just started watching it a couple of seasons ago, but I am addicted to it. I think that it would be so incredible to travel all around the world like they do. I love seeing all of the beautiful and exotic places that they visit. I would love to meet learn about all of the cultures and meet the different people. I asked Matt if he would want to go with me on the Amazing Race and he said that he’d be too worried that we would be one of the couples that would fight all of the time. LOL. Maybe for the sake of our marriage we’ll stick to our fun road trips.



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  1. I didn’t know you liked the Amazing Race. And I just can’t picture you and Matt being one of those fighting couples. I think you two are so sweet to each other. Rivers and I have talked about applying – we should all go down to Vegas together for the open calls!

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