Mill B North Fork up Big Cottonwood Canyon


I went on the best hike today! I just loved it! I hiked up Mill B North Fork. When you go up Big Cottonwood Canyon, park at the “S” curve parking lot (4.5 miles up the canyon from the stoplight) and it’s a trail just to the north of that. I had done part of it years ago to go rock climbing but I had never gone all of the way to the overlook before.

     I started by just going to see Hidden Falls just 100 yards or so from the road. To get there, you go left after you cross the road instead of going right up the main trail. I had to cross the stream a couple of times but it wasn’t high at all. It was pretty. It would be fun to go and see if you could swim by the falls. I didn’t look. There was also an old abandoned mine there that I never had seen before.

Hidden Falls

The mine by Hidden Falls

This is the coolest tree. I love how the roots are growing up around the rock.

     I then started my hike up the Mill D North trail. It is a trail that connects to the Desolation Pass farther up but I was just hiking to the overlook today. It’s about 1 – 1.5 miles up the mountain (one-way) with an elevation gain of 840 feet. It takes about and hour to get there. It wasn’t too strenuous and the trail was well maintained and easy to see. Less than a half mile up the trail there was this area that people have used as a fire pit. I would love to go and have a fire there someday. The trail winds upward through cliffs and across streams.

The fire pit about a quarter mile up Mill B North Fork

     “Hiking the Wasatch”. by John Veranth, says, “The main trail heads diagonally up the slope to the right, makes a series of switchbacks, and rejoins the stream above Hidden Falls. A half mile from the start, the trail passes the Wilderness boundary sign. A few yards beyond, the trail makes a sharp 180 degree turn, leaves the stream, and heads south through open forest. Two more switchbacks bring you to the overlook. The viewpoint is on the rock outcrop, 20 feet south of the trail, just as the trail begins to turn back to the north. Cliffs drop 600 feet from the overlook to the road.” I saw that point but I didn’t realize that was the overlook I was looking for. I went another half mile or more across the mountain and it had amazing views! So pretty. At this point, I had been hiking for an hour and a half. It took me an hour to get back down to the car. I loved this hike! I would definitely do it again.

Pretty views from the trail

Looking on to the South Mountain from Mill B North Fork

     It was perfect weather. It was about 70 degrees or so. I left at 3 PM from the parking lot and got back at 5:30 PM. I think that it’s best to do this hike in the spring or fall. I bet that it is just so hot during the summer. I wore my hiking sandals (chacos) and shorts and it was just fine.


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