Humanitarian Trip Update


     I found out today that I get to go to Colombia again at the beginning of June to teach neonatal resuscitation for my church. We will be traveling to Florencia (gateway to the Amazon region of Colombia) and Monteria (near the caribbean coast in Northern Colombia).   I’m excited that I will be going to Colombia again. I loved it last time. I am going with Eric and Kathy Welling again and some more of the same people from my last trip. I’m excited about that because I just loved them!

     My trip to Venezuela has been delayed because they haven’t been able to set a specific date yet. I emailed Sister Bond, the NRT trip coordinator, and she said that I can go to Colombia and possibly to Venezuela, too. I would love to do both trips. The cities that we were going to go to in Venezuela looked so amazing. They were Barquisimeto and Merida. We’ll see though if it works out. I’d miss Matt a lot being gone on two trips in one month though. We’ll see what happens. 🙂


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