Venezuela Delay


     I was so bummed yesterday because I found out that my trip to Venezuela is going to be delayed until June. I was supposed to go in May. It’s not really a big deal and Matt said that we’ll have to watch the news to see if there will be some chaos in Venezuela that week. 🙂 I guess everything happens for a reason. I know that it’s dumb to be sad about it.

     I found out that the cities that I’ll be going to are Barquisimeto and Merida. They look so amazing, especially Merida. It’ll be so cool to go there. I’m going with the Doucettes. They are a couple that has been doing NRT trips since 2007. I’m excited to meet them. It’s always fun to get to know new people on these trips. I became so close with each group member when I had my trip to Colombia.


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