Hiking Mule Hollow


     Today, I hiked Mule Hollow up Big Cottonwood Canyon. It was fun but it probably isn’t the right season to do this hike. It would be much more pretty in the Summer or the Fall. Everything was still dead from Winter because it’s only the beginning of April and the Spring run-off was flooding part of the trail. I parked at the trailhead that is located 3.2 miles from the stop light up Big Cottonwood Canyon on the north side of the road just after the Storm Mountain picnic area. It’s a 1.5 mile hike up a canyon with beautiful cliffs on each side to an old abandoned mine. I never actually could see the mine. I think it may have been covered with snow but I did see the old railroad tracks and some old mine supplies.

     It’s just so nice to be up in the mountains by myself and to see all of the beauty that God has created. I love not being to hear anything but the wind, the creek and the birds. It was 65 degrees and it was a beautiful sunny day. I saw some big, fresh moose tracks and I was kind of nervous that I’d see one but I didn’t this time. The trail was really challenging because of the water run-off and at times it was really hard to find it and I had to do some scrambling through the brush to find the trail. At the top, I was just able to kneel down and say a prayer by myself. It was nice. I love to hike. 🙂

The view coming down the mountain.

The view from the top at the mine. This place would be a really fun place to backpack to in the Summer and sleep overnight.


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