Traveling to Mexico, Colombia and Venezuela this Year


     This morning, I have been reading up about Mexico and Venezuela because I’ll be going there soon. I went to Colombia last October and I just am laughing to myself because of all three countries to visit this year, I am visiting three of the most dangerous countries in the world. I was researching the history and current events in these countries on the CIA’s and the State Department’s websites. They have travel alerts for all of them. Colombia’s travel warning is 6th from the top. It is extremely dangerous for tourists. Venezuela’s murder rate (20,000 murders) and kidnapping rate have both increase by 30% in the last year and they have strong anti-American sentiments. Mexico had 13,000 murders in a 9 month period in 2011. I think it’s crazy and very sad. During my time in Colombia, we were always really protected by government officials and I’m sure Heavenly Father was watching out for us too but read my post on my trip to Colombia about being in a car with five heavily armed men by myself. I know that we’ll be just fine. LOL. I am still SO excited to go.

     I’m going to Mexico with Matt for an amazing vacation in Cancun and Cozumel. The areas of Mexico that we are going to are much safer than other places in Mexico. We are going to go scuba diving near Cozumel and we will travel to Mayan Ruins like Chitzen Itza, one of the seven wonders of the world. We can’t wait! It’ll be so fun to have ten days alone with Matt. Matt is so stressed out with school and work. He keeps saying, “Tell me about Mexico” so that he can make it through the semester. LOL. He’s never been on such a tropical vacation. I love our trips together. We go on two big trips per year in between semesters. It’s something we really look forward to each year. We have been on tons of fun road trips to California, Southern Utah, Montana, Canada, etc. He is my best friend and I love being with him.

     A few weeks later, I’m going to Venezuela for another humanitarian trip with my church to teach neonatal resuscitation. On my dream list, traveling as a nurse to do medical humanitarian missions with my church is one of my most important life dreams. My trip to Colombia last October was just the most amazing trip of my life except that Matt couldn’t go. I miss him so much when we are apart. 😦 My dream is to travel all around the world. I learn so much from these trips. I love learning and experiencing their culture. I have made such amazing friends in the countries that I have had the opportunity to visit in my life. It’s been such a blessing.  It is such a privilege to travel to these countries because even though there are some dangerous people, the majority of the people are the best people who I have met in my entire life. I hope that Matt and I can travel to many more countries together. We want to serve lots of medical humanitarian missions together.


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