I love Young Womens!


     Last May (2011) I became the Young Women’s president in my ward. It’s been so amazing! It was a bit of a surprise. The year before in 2010, I had really been having the hardest year of my life.

     Honestly, before my hard times started in 2010, I had been in a rough spot spiritually. I had kind of been struggling when it came to reading my scriptures and saying my prayers. I was having a hard time feeling close to Heavenly Father and I felt like I was just going through the motions spiritually. After some challenges in my life, I was really humbled and learned that I needed to rely on the Savior so much. I grew a lot spiritually as I felt the power of the atonement heal my heart and give me peace. During that difficult time in my life, I learned that our Heavenly Father never abandons us or gives up on us. He is my best friend that is always there no matter what. He will always be there. Things started to get a lot better when I started to rely more on Heavenly Father. 

     In early 2011, I started getting impressions that God was going to call me to a calling that would help me to become a better person. It was an interesting feeling. I don’t think that makes sense to anyone but me. I just kept getting the feeling that I was going to be getting a special calling that would help me to progress and to become my best self. It makes me emotional to write about this. It brings back a lot of feelings. I’m so grateful for such a kind and loving Father in Heaven who didn’t give up on me. He really is my best friend and He knows what I needed.

     In the Spring of 2011, Bishop Luikart, Brother Wright and Brother Kessler came to my house. They talked with me about my schedule and my life. After a couple of weeks, I was called to be the Young Women’s President. My husband, Matt, has always been so supportive of me in this calling. It has turned out to be a huge blessing in my life and I’ve come so much closer to Heavenly Father and my Savior, Jesus Christ through this experience.

     I hope that I never have to change callings. We only have 4 active young women in our whole ward. I grew up with like 30-40 young women in our ward so it’s been a very different experience but I LOVE IT! The girls are so amazing. They are just so strong in their testimonies and convictions. They are such good disciples of the Savior. I’m so proud of them and I’ve learned so much from each one of them. They are some of my best friends.  

     Last summer, we went to girls camp at the Heber Valley Young Women’s Camp. It was so fun.  The girls never complained about anything and were very sweet. We really grew close there.  

     Last year, we started combining all of our mutual activities with the 1st ward. The 1st ward only has 5 or 6 young women in it too. They really only have 1 young woman who goes to church every week. It’s been really great for both of the wards to combine activities.

     We have done lots of fun things together. We have activities every Wednesday night and I take the girls to the Draper temple one or two times a month. I feel that through my association with the young women, I have been able to progress personally. LOL. That brings me to personal progress. Personal progress is a program of the Young Women’s Organization that allows each girl and leader to make goals to improve and become her best self. We’ve been working on personal progress together in Young Women’s. It has been such a huge blessing in my life and I’m so thankful to have the opportunity to serve in the Young Women. I feel that it was really a tender mercy from Heavenly Father.


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