Write Your Own Story


Written on July 31, 2006.

     I love to write, especially in my journals. I have lots of journals. I have a philosophy journal, a daily journal, a dream journal, a missionary journal, a scripture journal, etc.

     One day when I went to Barnes and Noble, I realized that I left the store with an empty book, just blank pages and a beautiful leather cover. I thought, “How funny that I just spent $15 for a blank book.” I got to thinking about why I bought it. I realized that one day these blank pages will be full of memories, adventures, struggles, challenges, triumphs and sacred experiences.

     It filled me with wonder and anticipation to think about what the future would bring. A lovely thought came to my mind. I WRITE MY OWN STORY. I’ve always been a dreamer. I love to dream big and to chase my dreams. I started with a blank book with no idea of what the future would bring. Maybe I’ll travel to far away countries or meet the love of my life. Maybe someday I’ll write about my wedding day or the day that I graduate from college. Perhaps, I’ll write about the day that I leave for my mission or the day that I hold my first child.

     I held in my hand the key to my future and I anticipated what was behind that door.

     Here I am in Argentina speaking a different language and serving a mission. The people were so foreign to me at first but now I feel like this is my home. Their lives and their culture have become a part of me. I have created millions of memories that enrich my life everyday. I am writing my own story.

     I am the creator of my destiny and I will choose what I do with eternity.

     Everyday I have a zillion choices and I ultimately decide what I will make of my life. I don’t want to have a boring story that no one wants to read. I’m going to write a best-seller and do all that I can with the opportunities that the Lord has blessed me with. I am going to live and experience all that I can with this short time that I have here on Earth.

     My life is an unfinished story. It’s a blank book waiting to be written. I hope that you want to read it when I’m done.


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