Lessons on Discouragement and Optimism


I wrote this on June 5, 2006 when I was a missionary in Argentina.

     I learned a great lesson from one of our investigators, Janet Chafala. She feeds us every Wednesday and every other Saturday. During our almuerzos (lunches) we’d talk about life and the gospel. One day she told us about our philosophy. She said, “If we have faith, then we’ll be happy, but a lack of faith yields discouragement and depression.” It’s true. When we trust in God, no matter what happens to us, we can look on life with optimism and patience because we know that everything will work out for our good. It’s when we forget the Lord and trust in our own strength that we become depressed and discouraged. There is no reason to be depressed and discouraged because if we understand the Atonement of Jesus Christ and have faith in Him we can look on life with optimism and hope. Life is so beautiful with the gospel.

This is a picture of Hermana Chafala (green shirt) and some new members of the church. She investigated the church for many years but just got baptized a year or two ago. She fed us lunch every Wednesday. I love her!


This is a picture of me pretending to be discouraged. I was just joking with my companion, Hermana Mortensen, in this picture but there were a lot of times that I actually felt like this on my mission. LOL. The bars are just something that are on every window and door in Argentina. When I came home to America, I was really scared because we didn’t have bars to protect our house. LOL.


 This is after a discouraging day. My companion, Hermana Raile, and I went out for some appointments, none of which were there. It started to pour rain and I slipped in the mud covering myself in mud. Then some sweet random lady gave me some giant grandma clothes that I had to walk miles home in. I then got really sick. There’s a lot more to that story but we’ll tell that another time. LOL. Hermana Raile and I actually love that memory so much now, but in the moment . . . it was so not cool.



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